architect = αρχιτέκτονας

αρχι_ (προθ.) = supervisor, chief 

τέκτονας (ο) (ουσ.)= builder, craftsman ║ scientist or poet ║ creator

+ lab = εργαστήριο

εργαστήριο (το) (ουσ.) =
a facility to conduct scientific research

Creativity, original ideas and respect to the client’s wishes are the qualities that stand out in this architectural lab.

Every single one of us is unique; why shouldn’t our house, our office, our personal space be unique as well?

Every new building/structure is uniquely designed according to the local parameters (plot’s characteristics, structured environment, area’s climate) and the specific needs of the client; decisions made always in close cooperation with the latter.

As a result, the building/structure integrates in it’s surroundings, it has a small energy footprint, takes advantage of the plot’s qualities and the area’a energy efficiency and fully corresponds to the owner’s/user’s needs and desires.